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Veer Surapaneni


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The B-Natyam App Series
A unique app library that allows students, dancers, parents and laypeople to explore the vocabulary of Indian Dance
Upcoming indian cultural events in Houston
Up-to-date news, reports, and opinion pieces on Indian classical music and dance  

Silambam Houston aims to promote and demystify Indian Classical Dance through comprehensive arts education and exceptional arts programming.


Lavanya Rajagopalan

Executive /Artistic Director

Krithika Mohankumar

Dance Company Manager, Bharatanatyam Instructor

Raji Natarajan

Classical Music (Vocal/Violin) Instructor

Anusha Venkatramani

Bharatanatyam Instructor

Kalpana Subbarao

Kathak Instructor

Lekha Surapaneni

Gayathri Sampathkumar

Vennila Satheesh

Assistant Dance Instructors

Arts Academy: Dance and music lessons at Silambam Houston follow a comprehensive, well-rounded, immersive curriculum that places emphasis on quality and encourages the pursuit of excellence. The Bharatanatyam curriculum includes instruction in Indian Classical Dance theory and cultural history, Indian classical music, fitness and body conditioning, and rigorous fundamental training and technique refinement, and is modeled on the globally recognized and accredited Bharatanatyam curriculum of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance ( Kathak and music lessons follow a similar structured and rigorous curriculum.

The B-Natyam Library of Apps: One of Silambam’s significant and unique contributions to the field of dance is the development of a library of mobile apps – the B-Natyam series – that lay out the entire vocabulary of Bharatanatyam in a fun and interactive format for students as well as laypeople. These apps, designed for the iOS and Android platforms, are the first of their kind in the field of Indian classical dance, and have generated interest and acclaim worldwide.                        

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RASA Summer Intensive: In keeping with its vision of expanding audiences for Indian Classical Dance, Silambam organizes an annual immersive dance appreciation event, RASA, which includes a week-long intensive dance camp, interactive competitions, and performances to engage students and audiences. This event is conducted by acclaimed international artistes, and is also open to students of dance forms other than Indian Classical Dance.

Silambam Houston Dance Company: In order to provide an avenue for young Silambam-trained dancers to explore a career in performing arts, Silambam Houston formally established a pre-professional Dance Company in 2014, with 10 senior students of Silambam. Original SHDC productions “Krishna…?” and “Shambhavam” were presented in Spring and Fall 2015 in Houston and have been extremely well received. SHDC will produce and present at least one production per year.

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Presenting visiting artistes: To increase awareness and appreciation of the arts, and to help diversify local arts offerings, Silambam presents visiting US and international artistes to the Houston audience. Silambam has organized and presented performances, master classes, and workshops by legendary and established international artistes (Sudharani Raghupathy, Alarmel Valli, Rama Vaidyanathan, Lavanya Ananth, Priya Murle, Roja Kannan, A. Lakshman, N. Srikanth, to name a few), in addition to promoting upcoming US-based performers (Preethi Ramaprasad, Indique Dance Company, Subhalakshmi Kumar, Sruthi Srinivasan).                                                                              Learn more...

The RASA summer intensive regularly receives funding from the Texas Commission on the Art.

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Senior students train to teach the younger classes, and also receive training in choreography, lighting design, stage management, costume design, and conducting live orchestral accompaniment (nattuvangam), so that they are fully equipped to pursue a career in the arts, be it performing, teaching, or providing behind-the-scenes support. 

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