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Silambam Houston

Dance Classes


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Administrative office: 3201 Allen Parkway, Ste. 150, Houston TX 77019

Class Schedule (for 2017-2018 dance year)



Pre-Natyam             6:00-6:45 pm   

Beginner 1               6:00-7:30 pm

Beginner 2/3            6:00-7:45 pm     

Intermediate 1/2      6:30-8:15 pm

Timings include Carnatic music classes


Intermediate 3    9:30 am to 11:00 am

Advanced 1       9:30 am to 11:30 am

Advanced 2       11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Advanced 3        11:00 am to 1:00 pm

These students will also attend the younger classes for Nattuvangam/teacher training



Beginner 1                     8:00-9:00 pm Fridays

Beginner 2                     8:30-9:30 pm Fridays

Intermediate/Advanced                     TBD

Carnatic vocal/violin (for students not enrolled in Bharatanatyam)

Group lessons 7:00-9:30 pm Fridays

Private lessons timings vary based on teacher/student schedules

Bharatanatyam Curriculum

The Silambam Bharatanatyam curriculum includes modules on Dance History/Background, Dance Theory, Fitness and Body Conditioning, Technique, and Ancillary Subjects (Music and Rhythm). The various levels of instruction, covering the entire spectrum of dance education from technique to teaching, are as follows:

Pre-Natyam                         Ages 5-6                            No prerequisite                             45 min

An introductory class in which young students are exposed to the concepts of gestures, storytelling, rhythm, and music in a fun and interactive manner. Students are also taught exercises to build muscle strength and flexibility, as well as the basics of Bharatanatyam stance and technique.

Beginner 1                         Ages 6-8                            No prerequisite                             90 min

Basic Bharatanatyam stance, adavu technique, hand gestures, and the mythology of dance are taught in this beginner class. Basic Carnatic music concepts and rhythm/tala fundamentals, as well as flexibility, strength, and balance exercises, are also introduced.

Beginner 2                         Ages 7-10                     Prerequisite: Beginner 1                     105 min

Adavus (steps) of increasing complexity, increased detail in theory, exercises for focus and warm-up/cool-down, glimpses into various Indian classical dance styles and temple sculptures, Carnatic music, and an introduction to dance syllables (sollukattu) make up this class.

Beginner 3                           Ages 8-11                    Prerequisite: Beginner 2                    105 min

In addition to increasing complexity in technique, theory, and musical training, students in this level will cover hand-eye coordination, the importance of good posture, and an overview of Bharatanatyam texts, early Bharatanatyam (Sadir), and styles (Bani).

Intermediate 1                    Ages 9-12                        Prerequisite: Beginner 3                     105 min

Advanced level adavus, theory, Carnatic music lessons, sollukattu recitation, musical notation, body alignment, and an overview of Devadasi tradition, the Tanjore quartet, and the Maargam will be covered in this level.

Intermediate 2                    Ages 10-13                         Prerequisite: Intermediate 1                105 min

Students at this level will complete adavu training and graduate to Alarippu. In addition, they will continue theory lessons, discuss the Bharatanatyam renaissance and nritta/nritya/natya, learn techniques for breath control and stamina/endurance exercises, proceed to simple Carnatic music songs, refine sollukattu enunciation and delivery, and experiment with choreography.

Intermediate 3                    Ages 11-14                        Prerequisite: Intermediate 2        105 min

Students will begin learning a Bharatanatyam repertoire, develop core strength, balance, and stability, and learn to enunciate and deliver jathis and korvais vocally, a precursor to nattuvangam training.

Advanced 1                        Ages 12-15                         Prerequisite: Intermediate 3        120 min

This class will introduce elements of abhinaya in theory and technique, expand the student’s repertoire, polish technique, improve strength and stamina, and allow opportunities for students to practice choreography skills. Voice modulation skills and teacher training on the tattukazhi will also be imparted. Students will perform their salangai pujai towards the end of this year.

Advanced 2                        Ages 13 and up                    Prerequisite: Advanced 1             150 min

This arangetram-track class will focus on a complete repertoire, building stamina and strength and polishing technique. Students will become proficient on the tattukazhi and will also be introduced to the nattuvangam.

Advanced 3                        Ages 14 and up                    Prerequisite: Advanced 2            180 min

This pre/post-arangetram class will focus on expanding repertoire, as well as choreography and nattuvangam skills. Students in this class will work towards arangetram and beyond, in group and private lessons.

Silambam Houston is a premiere arts academy in the greater Houston area, with a faculty composed of experienced and dedicated dance and music instructors. Silambam aims not only to impart dance education, but also to turn out well-rounded, artistically sensitive and culturally refined individuals. Silambam students receive firm grounding in Bharatanatyam theory and cultural history, as well as rigorous fundamental training and technique refinement. Much emphasis is placed on mental and physical discipline, and on the importance of practice, passion, dedication and perseverance.

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Lavanya Rajagopalan

Executive /Artistic Director

Krithika Mohankumar

Dance Company Manager, Dance Instructor (Bharatanatyam)

Raji Natarajan

Music Instructor

Anusha Venkatramani

Dance Instructor (Bharatanatyam)

Kalpana Subbarao

Dance Instructor (Kathak)

Lekha Surapaneni

Gayathri Sampathkumar

Thurika Ganesh

Vennila Satheesh

Tejaswini Mohankumar

Shikha Lakhi

Assistant Dance Instructors


Classes: Dancescape Studio, 2014 E Broadway, Pearland, TX 77581

Performance space: The Marie Spence Flickinger Fine Arts Center (San Jac South Campus) and other venues