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Silambam Houston

Phone:  713-635-9382

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3201 Allen Parkway Ste. 150, Houston TX 77019


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SHDC's newest production, "Kāvya - Poetry in Motion" premieres August 19!

Kāvya is a confluence of poetry, dance, and music that explores the universality of human sentiment.

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Silambam's summer intensive, RASA, will be held from July 24-Aug 4, 2017!

RASA 2017 includes workshops on various Indian and Western dance styles.

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Now accepting registrations for Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Carnatic music, and Carnatic violin for the arts year beginning Aug 2016!

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Artistic Vision: To promote and demystify the Indian classical arts through comprehensive arts education and exceptional arts programming

Silambam Houston aims to increase the appreciation and understanding of Indian artistic traditions across cultural boundaries through arts education programs, outreach performances and workshops, and by creating opportunities for young artistes to develop, perform, and collaborate.

About Bharatanatyam

Bharatanatyam is a complex and nuanced art form that is thousands of years old, but has existed in its current form for about 80 years.With intricate footwork, sculpturesque poses, captivating facial and body language, breathtaking costumes, and beautiful melodic and percussive accompaniments, Indian classical dance combines several artistically stimulating experiences into a single performance art.

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